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 The 1st Hong Kong International Music Festival – Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition 2013


The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition for Violin and Cello aimed to enrich the culture of music by recognizing and promoting highly gifted young musicians. All of the following competition levels include solo and chamber ensemble categories were being offered:

Professional Group :
Ages 17 to 25
Outstanding violinists and cellists at the outset of their professional careers received exposure, gained valuable experience, and potentially opened new doors of opportunity.

Open Solo Group :
Ages 13 to 16
Emerging musicians benefited from performing for an international panel of jurors and be inspired to continue their journey to the professional level.
Ages 8-12
Promising young musicians were being exposed to international competition, boosted their enthusiasm for a future in music and enhanced their education at an impressionable age. 

Chamber Music Ensembles :

Ages 10-16 Junior and 17-36 Senior(on average age, 3 - 5 people, string group or with piano) - playing chamber music gave the musicians opportunity to enrich their musical experience. 

Aficionados :
Highly talented amateurs from the ages of 8-12, 13-16, 17-20, also 21 and up performed in front of an international panel of jurors and had the opportunity to find their place in the world of music. The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition was co-hosted by the City of Hong Kong and the Grandmaster Orchestral Music Society.

history2015The 2nd Hong Kong International Music Festival (HKIMF) 2015 Music Competition

In 2015, HKIMF specifically established the Chinese instruments section with the goal to encourage Chinese instrument players to find a place to promote Chinese traditional music culture to the world.  For more information, please visit www.hkmusic.hk/imf/en


The 3rd HKIMF 2016 Music Competition

The 3rd HKIMF, 2016, was a competition open to the public in six major age divisions: candidates age from 7 or below will join the Children’s section and get stage experience; candidates ages 8 to 10 and 11 to 13 in the Junior section will enhance their music education at an impressionable age; candidates ages 14 to 16 in the Youth section will be inspired to carry on their learning to a professional level; the Senior section ages 17 to 26 and 27 or above invites candidates to showcase their outstanding expertise and talents.

The competition addressed diversity of musical instruments with three major categories: Western Musical Instruments; Chinese Musical Instruments; and Vocal. Each category also includes different instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass will be offered in String section; Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon in Woodwind section; and Trumpet, French horn and Trombone in Brass section. Piano has solo and duet options and Vocal in Pop Voice and Classical Vocal. In 2016, HKIMF specially established the Chinese instruments section, aiming to work with musicians to promote Chinese traditional music culture to the world. In addition, Guitar and Harp are enhanced in individual division and Pop band and Orchestra in group division. We also encourage candidates release their original music in "Music Talent" division. In the future, HKIMF will continuously organizing a variety of inspiring activities and actively extending music educational exchanges to different countries around the world.