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HKIMF Rules and Regulation


1. Musicians of all nationalities worldwide may apply up to a maximum of four categories.

2. If applying for more than one category, applicants must complete separate applications and pay the required fee for each individual division.

3. All applicants may apply in categories where they are under the minimum age limit, provided they meet the entry level and requirements.

4. Finalists(Preliminary) will be announced on the official website www.hkmusic.hk on or after July, 2016 and confirm by email.

5. Contestant must register online before the preliminary. After the registration, contestant could login to the website for enquiring the result. Besides, finalists must provide the final round application fee payment slip copy, photo and valid travel documents to preliminary organizer for central arrangement. If contestant located in no district preliminary area, please send all documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail to competition committee office: Unit 8,10/F,Wah Fat Industrial Building,10-14 Kung Yip Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong

6. During the competition, all contestants must check-in with the registration desk at the competition venue no later than 30 minutes prior to their designated time. Latecomers may be disqualified

7. Contestants must have their pieces memorized. Accompanists or participate in Ensemble or Group division are exempted.

8. All sheet music performed must be from an original part - for both contestants and accompanists. Photocopies of music are not allowed. Contestants must be prepared to provide an original score for the judges in the Semi and Final Rounds.

9. The order of performances in the Final-Rounds will be determined by the organizers. Contestants admitted to the final round will be assigned an individual place in the order of appearance.

10. All the preliminary video must be unedited. Contestants can login into their personal account to submit the URL or mail DVD for application.

11. Contestant is the prescreening materials owner. Besides, contestant agree and understand that competition committee have right to use all the submitted material including photos, recordings, videos or any uploaded information in any situation.

12. Contestant need to apply in writing if using any non-designated instruments. That instrument will be provided once the committee approved.

13. Contestant should understand and accept that the quality differences of provided instruments.

14. Contestant assumes and shall bear the entire risk of damage to the instruments from any cause during the term of the lease. Contestant shall keep the instruments in good condition, otherwise repair fee may be charged.

15. The committee reserves the right to reschedule the competition in the case of a natural emergency.

16. The jury is permitted to award the same ranking to several contestants. In the event of a tie, the jury may divide the monetary prize equally between the prizewinners. Any other non-monetary prizes will be awarded based on the jury's discretion, and will not be divided.

17. All winners must collect their awards in person. In addition, winners of the first prizes in all division must perform in the prizewinners’ recital. In the event of an absence, the committee has the right to deny the prizes and cash awards.

18. The jury will determine the performance piece and order for the winners at the prizewinners’ recital. The special award will be awarded after the prizewinners’recital.

19. The jury reserves the right to award supplementary prize(s) in any category of the competition. The jury also reserves the right to withhold any prizes and rankings in the competition if the contestants do not perform at a level of competency deemed appropriate by the jury.

20. All the cash prizes will remit by T/T or bank transfer and exchange to related currency according to the recent market rate. Competition committee will not bear any bank charges or oversea charges.

21. Jury decisions are final and cannot be challenged.

22. The jury retains the right to stop any performance without objection from the contestants

23. Contestants must disclose all relations they may have with any members of the jury. Failure to disclose such relationships will result in immediate disqualification. The judges may not vote for a contestant who has been one of their students.

24. Unauthorized photography, audio, and/or video recordings are strictly prohibited. The committee reserves the sole right to record and document the competition. The committee also has the right to release any recordings (such as DVDs, CDs, etc.) for publicity or commercial purposes without seeking further approval from the contestants or making payments of any kind to them. The contestants agree that all copyrights of these recordings belong to the Competition Committee.

25. Contestants must take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of their musical instruments and personal belongings (such as luggage, personal effects, money, and musical accessories). Contestants agree to assume full responsibility for any damage or loss to their musical instruments and personal belongings. The organizers and the competition committees are not responsible for any damage to or loss of the contestants' personal belongings. It is the contestants' sole responsibility to obtain relevant and sufficient insurance coverage prior to travel.

26. It is also the responsibility of the contestants to consult with the appropriate insurance authorities on all matters relating to insurance including: health, personal injury, as well as loss or damage to musical instruments or luggage in the case of accident, fire, or theft during travel and competition event.

27. All contestants (including the parents/teachers of underage contestants) declare that all statements included in the submitted application and any accompanying material in the application, are true and correct. Any falsification of submitted materials or dishonest declarations are grounds for immediate disqualification.

28. All application fees received by the competition's committee are non-refundable and non-transferable. A contestant's eligibility to compete in the competition is also non-transferable.

29. All contestants (including parents/teachers of underage contestants) declare that they understand and agree with the rules and regulations of the competition. Contestants found in violation of competition rules and regulations are subject to immediate and full disqualification at the discretion of the competition committee and jury.

30. The committee reserves the right to interpret the final explanation to all rules and regulations for the competition. If any dispute shall arise between the parties herein, in relation to any matter arising out of this competition, either party must give to the other written notice requiring that such matter be referred to a single arbitrator in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Laws of the HKSAR as amended or re-enacted hereafter or any ordinance enacted in place or substitution thereof. The arbitrator shall be in HKSAR and his/her decision shall be final and binding on both parties. The cost of such reference shall be at the discretion of the arbitrator.

31. The committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations, and all supporting materials relating to the competition at any time without further notice. All related information will be announced on the official website