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Star Image Cultural Communications

In 2015 Star Image Cultural Communications was established in San Diego, California. The company focuses and specializes on three major components:

  1. Still pictures and video production for any occasion.
  2. Producing, directing, writing-all aspects of the film business between American and Chinese market.
  3. Hosting international music events. Currently the company is working on the “The 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival North America Audition” ~ District winners will have the chance to go to Hong Kong to compete in the final competition.


A&L International Education Center (ALIEC)

A&L International Education Center (ALIEC) offers consultancy services to students wanting to enter a US academy from middle school to university. Today we have an expert team of academic consultants and admissions staff. We also have an experienced student support team whom just graduated or study at great university. ALIEC helps you to approach your academic dream, analyze and create the future with you. We will make a comprehensive and objective proposal base on your academic record and achievements, studying habits, learning initiative, personal abilities, personalities and your family economic situation. Also, getting visa is another major problem that we will go through with you and your children. Our goal is to accompany you to accomplish your plan and catch up the life in the US.